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A late 70`s and early 80`s musical subculture, stemming from the punk rock movement.  The critically acclaimed 10-episode miniseries won a slew of awards including a Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television, and inspired a second Band of Brothers” series in 2010, which follows the U.S. Marines in the Pacific theater of the war. Kinda like the Clash and certainly more of a punk edge, but still post-punky none the less and totally easy to listen`s WIRE!The important thing one has to notice about Post Punk is that, especially in retrospective, it`s more a musical aesthetic than a genre with a set of rules. Now Tera Melos sounded like something new: a flashy, complex math-rock band with a fondness for melody and atmosphere, sort of halfway between two of their tourmates, Dillinger Escape Plan and Minus the Bear. Liliput`s sound — akin to that of the era`s post-punk English bands like the Slits, the Raincoats and X-Ray Spex — was skeletal, aggressive and sometimes herky-jerky, suddenly switching speeds and riffs. Noisey: I can hear 70s New York No Wave bands but also the Oil Tasters and the pop of fellow Bay Area band Romeo Void. Finally, a movement for better or worse dubbed the post-punk revival earlier this decade provided some of the most exciting and innovative music of the new millennium.
There should be a large enough audience to sustain it, given how deeply popular The Smiths, The Cure and Joy Division are, and the success of movies about Factory Records (24 Hour Party People, 2002) and Joy Division (Control, 2007). John Lydon, having left the confines of the three-chord aggression parameters set by the Sex Pistols behind him, took a new band and explored new territory with complete disregard to pop conventions such as choruses and general melody. Earlier on yes, they were post-punk along with alternative, hardcore, and even cowpunky.They were name checked as an influence by a lot of their contemporaries in the 80s such as U2, REM and INXS and more recently they have found favour again with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Futureheads and Bloc Party. Wayne Hussey exclaims It`s with absolute honour and delight that I am able to tell you that Peter Murphy has agreed to play these 30th anniversary UK shows as very special guest of The Mission in October.
Punk and post-punk are part of the idea of youth as vanguard that was illustrated in the `60`s, although obviously, there`s an internecine war within that vanguard with the generation before. Soon after the success of New Age”, Carl Fisher and Tim Harris who aim to go further in this new direction drive Nidge to leave the band who then goes on to reunite with Mackie.I do think that the best post-punk acts were as influenced by Low by Bowie, and Trans- Europe Express by Kraftwerk as much as the Bollocks album by the Pistols, which moved it`s musical base from the crossroads and bayous of the States to the new brave Europe. Similarly, so-called second-tier post-punk bands focus on dark moods and guitar atmospherics. Leaving the Dum Dum Girls behind, Dee Dee changed her name and moved to an `80s/`90s pop-influenced, synth-heavy sound. Lushus is for sure a band with a sound and style of their own and ‘Barefoot` shows a re very mature band.
There`s no shame in a band only having half an album of good music in them, if that music`s as brilliant as the top end of Gotham!, which still sounds muscular and bold today. They are mainly made up of ladies, the music is kinda r&b like yet simple, they are danceable and really one of the best bands I`ve ever heard yet one of the hardest to describe.I think post-punk made it more possible for there to be female instrumentalists because in a lot of the mid-`80`s alternative bands, there were women playing keyboards or, say, there was the woman drummer in the Go-Betweens, or there was Throwing Muses who had a female bassist and two female guitarists. The band did not achieve any sort of popularity due to some bad luck with drummer Cliff Hewitt breaking his wrist just before they were to record a Peel Session. Kleenex was formed in Zurich in 1978, during the early, arty, do-it-yourself years of the punk movement as it spread across Europe.
Ryan: I think we shedded about 5-6 songs before we got to these ones, the 4 you hear on the EP are (debatably) the best 4 that we wrote before we had a clear deadline to record at. There were about 3 that were written shortly thereafter that we are bummed aren`t on the EP, but that`s life in an independent band. A lot of bands are written out of history because american kids don`t know about them.VIDA , a loud-as-hell sort of post-punk/hardcore band takes a lot of cues from great 90`s era noise” bands like DRIVE LIKE JEHU, JESUS LIYARD and FRODUS, but still manage to throw in some big rock hooks. Watching Wrung reminded us of what some dark punk / post-punk bands try to do but don`t get quite right. This alone seemed ground breaking on the sheer fact that the band consisted of an equal blend of two tribes that at the time didn`t always find common interests.
Basically, post-punk had the punk attitude welded to other music from before Year Zero (1976) in particular psychedelia, Krautrock, funk, and dub reggae, which created many wonderful hybrids. A paradigmatic example is John Lydon with his Third Ear Band and Peter Hammill records. Ryan: It is literally the name of the two brothers` grandmother, pronounced v-eye-duh”, not v-eee-dah”. No group in New York in the 2000s sounded like The Fiery Furnaces and they`re definitely the ones who sit most uncomfortably on this list of post-punk revival bands.After Lucrate Milk called it quits, Laul and Masto went on to work with another, more popular French punk band called Bérurier Noir , who were sort of a cross between Lucrate Milk, Black Flag and DEVO. The band follows International`s breakthrough with an even more vulnerable - and rewarding - set of songs. Both are instrumental math-rock bands and are probably some of my most favourite people on this earth. Tended to follow similiar ideals/ideas to Punk but thrived upon experimentation of sound.