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Hello, lately after talking about music with some people we have reached a disagreement on what these genres consist of. It is gothic in every way but without the clichés… think Nick Cave instead of Christian Death… together with bands like Black Ice and Blessure Grave among the best gothic (rock) has to offer today… highly recommended!! Usually The Strokes are credited as the pivotal point between the original post-punk styles (Talking Heads, Gang of Four, Joy Division and Television are frequently cited influences) and the post-punk revival.Dave Ruffy`s `CV` reads like a `who`s who` of left field pop over the past 30 years.  The Passage is the only band in this list covered in Simon Reynolds` Rip It Up And Start Again: Post-Punk 1978-1984 probably because they took a more aggressively avant-garde approach to post-punk as art rock along the lines of Reynolds` thesis that post-punk was more innovative than even the 60s psychedelic era. I`m not so sure the other bands on the list have got the acclaim they deserve though not when you compare them to other bands like Wire and Gang of Four who are talked about a hell of a lot more. Your band consists of; a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a synth player, and a vocalist, all of whom are about equal when it comes to musical experience.
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Formed in 1985, they proved to be attentive students of the Martin Hannett school of production (Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Durutti Column, Magazine, A Certain Ratio, Psychedelic Furs, Crispy Ambulance, The Names), along with The Cure. Started in the 1970`s in response to the excess and decadence of popular rock music at the time (think bands like Fleetwood Mac and peak-of-popularity Pink Floyd).Very good list, I agree with (nearly) all of it though as I`ve got records by 8/10 of the bands listed to all have had credit from me! So it is no suprise to find some real authentic post-punk and Neue Deutsche Welle influences on this record. At the same time, though, I see post-punk in some ways as a continuation of the `60`s - that idea is there in the book a bit, but it`s more and more on my mind.
Eno was such an important figure before punk and then, during punk, his star definitely declined a bit but then he creeps back in post-punk and becomes a central figure again. Dark melodies and fast hardcore punk progressions, easily gave the crowd what they had anticipated. At first, because of the music`s sparse, no wave vibe and squiggly, analog synths, we thought they might be reissues—especially when we found one of the band`s YouTube videos and it was tagged rare post punk obscure 1981” But we`re pretty sure they`re contemporary.It is a catch-all term that refers to a lot of very different bands that made music using ideas pulled from different places. Gothy, new wave, and even poppy at times, Siouxsie had several hits and was a great female symbol for the post-punk genre. He picked up some cities in UK and USA and showed the approach they had and even wrote a lot about each record and some important tracks as well.
Nina Childress became a successful painter, and poor ol` Helno died of a heroin overdose after briefly fronting this band Yeah, there was a lot of weird music in France in the `80s. That time in school, and my continual practice routine does help with this band though, I wouldn`t be able to come up with the parts I have without ripping off some pretty infamous jazz legends. The original band consisted of 2 skinheads and 2 punk rockers, Nidge on Guitar, Mackie on Bass, Carl on Vocals and Charles on Drums. Kind of a dubby reggae lo-fi all girl ensemble, certainly one of the most impactful female acts of the post-punk genre.Goth is probably the closest to a subcultural front of the initial post-punk movement, as death rock took much from gloomy, more atmospheric post-punk like Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Cure. Ever since the beginning of punk rock, the genre has morphed into several different sub-genres and movements as diverse as Oi!, Psychobilly, and Riot Grrrl.
We finally get to the band described in the PR for the upcoming movie, Eternity Road: The Story of Lowlife as the greatest band you never heard.” But there is no shame in this #7 spot, as it`s certainly a close, perhaps arbitrary call on my part between the other great bands listed above. So its not that strange to hear the comparisons of either Joy Division or New Order at all. Expect them to still be around for the post-punk revival revival in about 20 years time.A feedback laden murkey dreamy post-punk entry a little late in the game, yet fresh and originally stylish and alternative. Even the best post-punk bands from America seemed to be more European, albeit with a dash of Velvets cool, such as the No Wave bands such as James Chance & The Contortions. Without any doubt, it was a special time back then in the clubs of Europe when bands like JOY DIVISION , THE CURE or SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES showed up, delivering and angry and pumping sound that was also mixed with a certain undeniable darkness and desperation. Their first drummer was Edgard Scandurra but he left to concentrate on his band Ira!
Your band consists of; a guitarist, an excellent bassist, a drummer, a synth player, and a vocalist who is either really good or not very good at all (but in a way that goes well with the tone of the music, so no one really minds.) You have anxiety issues and think being able to see in black & white would be awesome. For our second record, we wanted it to be a progression of what we are as a band.As well as various underground revival bands, a mainstream Post-Punk Revival with bands such as Interpol , Franz Ferdinand , and Bloc Party brought the style back into the spotlight in the early 2000s. These are widely known to anyone post-punk band as the some of the most important bands in the genre. The sole American band in this list, For Against come from the unlikely location of Lincoln, Nebraska. The original punk rockers did their great/famous shit in about 1976 or 1977 ranging up to the early 80s and were called punk rock until about the end of their careers.
It`s their first two albums, though, that truly thrilled, channelling the spirit of Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen into smart, dark and brooding songs (hear Slow Hands from their second album Antics on Later... in 2004 above). With a blockbuster 4-track EP already out and an LP due in 2015 on Matador, Lower is quickly conquering the Western World, which is maybe no surprise seeing as where they`re from.Anyway, among the many excellent bands Laurent suggested we check out is an experimental rock trio from Metz called Le Singe Blanc, which is apparently French for The White Monkey.” They kind of sound like what might happen if a post-punk/math-rock band was started by a bunch of Muppets. This week`s band is usually described as math rock ,” a style Jake and I have bagged on in the past, partially out of sheer ignorance (back in 2010, we tagged Little Women as a math rock band…um, no), partially because, let`s face it, there are a lot of crappy math rock bands out there.