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With its roots in the mid to late 1970s, post-punk is a movement that followed on the heels of the initial Punk Rock explosion.  Although the post-punk movement lasted more or less from 1977 to 1984, its prime years were from 1978 to 1981, which saw classic releases by bands like Joy Division, one of the most well known, accessible, and popular bands of the post-punk era, Mission of Burma, Gang of Four, Bauhaus and Pere Ubu, as well as lesser known bands like Pylon, the Fire Engines, and Metal Urbain, a band from France and one of the most aggressive groups in the whole post-punk scene.Post-punk revival is a movement in the 2000s that drew in part on the conventions of the original post-punk sound from the early 1980s, as well as 1990s genres such as shoegazing , Britpop , garage revival and post-hardcore , as well as 1980s new wave Thematically it was often an extension of and reaction to the more pop-oriented punk music of the 1990s, and was especially tied to the New York City and London music scenes. Among myriads of new bands that popped out in Brazil (São Paulo) in the early 80s came along this Voluntários da Pátria (Nation Volunteers) who played a nice going post-punk whose members were all famous names of the post-punk scene in Brazil sometime: Minho K (Verminose, Magazine e 3 Hombres), Guilherme Isnard (Zero), Akira S. e Edson X (Akira S. & As Garotas que Erraram), Thomas Pappon (Smack e Fellini), Nasi e Gaspa (Ira!).
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Working with a wide variety of tempos and moods, with killer angular guitar tones and virtuosic drumming — even putting their own spin on a Devo deep cut, Auto Modown.” They`re everything you`d want in a punk band, the frantic, tightly-wound, gotta-get-it-all-out-now urgency of their set Saturday earning a much-deserved standing ovation once it was done.However, this debut also represented a new approach to a genre that The Smiths would eventually became associated with: Their sound still retained the same somber approach, but coupled with jangly rhythms you could dance to. Instead of treading through dark territory already previously established by such notable acts like Siouxsie and the Banshees or Joy Division, The Smiths` presence challenged the limitations of this already progressive genre.
Beeler and his bandmates — keyboard player Matt May, drummer/violinist Tim Keen and bassist Ben Stidworthy — had no idea what the world would think of this unique collection of arty post-punk tunes that channel The Violent Femmes, Velvet Underground, early Talking Heads and about a million other things and create one of the most vital records of this or any other year.Founded in 2012, the band started their musical career with post-rock melodies, which later led to an instrumental rock sound. If I did it again in a week it would probably be different (apart from Joy Division at the top). Initially it found its way to me via the underground venue I was involved with, The HOSS , probably handed to me on an evening when the band played, or not. The new version of Blitz went on to release one of the most underrated post-punk albums of the 80`s. The punk movement inspired him to pick up a super 8 camera and reinvent himself as film maker.
Julien Temple is a hugely talented film-maker, who at the time of this interview had just made `Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten`, his third major punk documentary. But in the context of new Canadiana, that`s changed considerably in the last decade with the brief but pronounced reign of Women, a young but wise-beyond-its-years four-piece that intrepidly melded ‘60s pop and psych stylings to post-punk and found-sound experimentation.There is the foreward thinking side of Carl & Tim, and the punk purists Nidge & Mackie. The Teardrop Explodes had been on my list of bands to check out for a while when I found a copy of Kilimanjaro” in a used bin, when I was in Manchester in 2003. With their tribal style drumming and sense of melodic pop fun, they were a welcome band into the entry with several top 40 hits. Released 1982 as a B-side, Holy Water finds the often controversial received DEATH IN JUNE still in post-punk mode, before they shifted style to neo-folkish territory. No wave, riot grrl, post-punk,`s loud, it`s fast and it`s Lydia Lunch`s first real band I think!
The Gang of Four made a name for themselves in the post punk scene of 1979 with their funky beats and edgy cutting guitar sound. Touring bands are constantly coming through, it has an insanely tight knit community in many different genres and it also has a couple of festivals that are literally world-renowned. That seems like an interesting parallel between what was going on before punk and what was going on after punk. Love and Rockets (1985-present) Peter Murphy got stuck hanging upside down on stage and the Bauhaus members formed a band without him.It differs from post-punk as the acts usually make use of clean, modern production instead of maintaining the do-it-yourself ethics of post-punk and experimental tendencies are virtually nonexistent, which seperates the revival from original post-punk. And then with riot grrrl it was the first time there was an explicit point being made about femaleness, with all-female bands.