Post Punk Era Bands Who Never Get The Credit

creditPost Punk Era Bands Who Never Get The Credit
The Post punk movement started in the wake of the punk rock explosion of the mid 1970s.  There are bands who are doing new things but they only have a very tangential relationship to post-punk. Years ago if a band from Finland was touring the show would have undoubtedly been packed because it was a touring band from Finland. Their 2013 album, The Greatest Generation, is amazing punk album that is definitely worth listening to all the way through. Like I say, nowadays our town is home of two bands touring Europe and the USA on a regular basis.Emerging following the punk rock explosion, post punk-bands was a response to that initial movement.  It is it`s own little bizarre thing, and I have come to love and embrace it. I love the fact that you will rarely see venues kicking bands and show goers out by 1030 PM to make way for the club scene and a chance to move even more alcohol with even more paying patrons. Typically, we stray to the harsher side of post-punk, yet Shadow Age was so captivating and real that there is no denying that they easily take out a lot of the post-punk bands emerging in the world right now.
The person to produce the aforementioned record was Chris Nagel, who was also Joy Division`s and New Order`s engineer under Martin Hennett at Factory records and probably understood exactly where they were trying to take the band. The two punk rockers Nidge and Mackie were obligated to carry on with another name for their group but remained true to the style they were greatly responsible for creating. Here`s hoping Post-Punk magazine finds a way to get published, Lowlife`s Eternity Road movie gets made, the reissues keep rolling out, and the bands keep touring.Although it has clear roots in the gloomy, beat-driven sound of early post-punk, it also takes some influence from Indie Rock , has generally incorporated fewer influences from other genres, and has been more commercially successful than the original post-punk movement (particularly in the United Kingdom). A great entry into the more melodic pop yet still quirky and aggressive post-punk music.
Granted second prize at the Roxy Music Days in 2011, the band also performed with Eskiz in Adrasan by only using solar power in 2013. The sole purpose is to honour the bands featured in it. If you do own any of the materials in the video, and do not agree with this kind of promotion, send me a message and I will remove the extracts you own. I don`t really mean strictly what is better or worse, just more the subjective passion you have for the bands I guess. The band ostentatiously had video directors create videos for each of the record`s dozen tracks; all of the ones I looked at were mind-numbingly tedious.The relatively coherent sound of the post-punk revival picks up characteristic elements from post-punk bands: emphasis on melodic basslines, a dominant `live` drum sound, occasional use of synthesizers and often elaborated, interlocking guitar work. Throbbing Gristle was a band I had never really listened to at the time and I did grow to like them quite a bit. We simply couldn`t come up with anything better, and it kinda sticks to that sort of hardcore band one word name. His various musical projects never brought him commercial success with THE SOUND being his first band.
The reissue includes the original Fate” single from 1982 and the 1985 The Architect EP. The Wake, The Names and The Lines could also have been good candidates for this list, but Nyam Nyam is the band I`d never actually heard of until this past month. Plenty of bands on this list tried really hard to be cool and, to be fair, they mostly pulled it off. They kind of went into the ambient end of things, and weren`t really my cup-tea but they certainly impacted big with their dreamy version of post-punk music.Released as a compilation cassette in Belgium with the bands Unit4, The Topplers and Isolation Ward on it. Unit 4 was an all girl post-punk band fom Belgium. Sometimes you just play straight ahead and loud rock patterns, but this band lends itself to some bizarre stuff for me try out sometimes. Of course we have read ‘Rip It Up…` and it`s an excellent book but we are talking about the bands from the time zone who were equally if not more important.