Simon Reynolds Interview

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reynoldsSimon Reynolds Interview
A variety of groups that predated punk, such as Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle , experimented with crude production techniques and electronic instruments in tandem with performance art methods and influence from transgressive literature , ultimately helping to pioneer industrial music 38 Throbbing Gristle`s independent label Industrial Records would become a hub for this scene and provide it with its namesake.  Moving on to albums rather than artists (you`ll see why!!!) BUT if you were to compile a list of definitive post punk albums, they would have to include Joy Division`s Unknown Pleasures”, Magazine`s Real Life”, Wire`s 154”, PIL- Metal Box” Bahuaus In The Flat Field”, Killing Jokes 1st Album. Most of the women were suddenly singers or backing singers and you didn`t get female drummers or bassists so much, maybe not until the grunge era. That`s not so surprising, but oddly enough, not many of the classic Joy Division songs are represented here.In the spirit of music journalists grossly over-simplifying history, let`s go back to the 1990s, when the grunge explosion was seen off by Britpop, which then faltered, and by the end of the decade the rock and indie landscape in both the US and UK was, by many a critic`s estimation, truly atrocious.  If you left any Flaming Lips fans off your Christmas list, there`s still time to get them a cool stocking stuffer: a blue seven-inch vinyl release of the band`s second demo from way back in 1983, when they were just another scruffy post-punk college-rock band with a shouty lead singer (Wayne Coyne`s brother Mark, who left the group in 1985). I guess the 80s influence us a lot - our musical common ground is sort of early 80s post punk. Clearly the bands influences were coming from other sophisticated” punk song writers.
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Marlene Marder, whose blunt guitar chords drove the songs of the pioneering four-woman Swiss post-punk band originally called Kleenex and then Liliput, died on Sunday. I can`t speak for the other guys, but I think mainly just trying to do something different than the droves of bands that have sprung up in every scene in every city the last decade or so. We wanted to have tones of dissonance, be a little progressive, be able to have rock out” parts, but still have it be accessible.Another sort of pop oriented band with hits later in their career, but earlier on they were definitely post-punk but still upbeat. You read the introduction alone and everything there`s to say about POST-PUNK is there. New wave, electronic, experimental, and art rock blended with post-punk and jazz made this entry unique. Comsat Angels, The Sound, Sad Lovers And Giants, New Model Army, Section 25, A Certain Ratio, For Against (not from the era but heavily influenced by many of these bands) & The Wake. And before punk rock, he was into Zappa and really arty rock - rock at its most pretentious.
A gentleman by the name of John Wedge dropped a band from Liverpool called ZX Electric into our inbox over the weekend, and we`re definitely intrigued by their lo-fi, retro sound and especially the strangled, haunted voice of their lead singer, Ben Mawdsley. Gothicy punk and darkly sinister, Christian Death are at the heavier end of the land of post-punk music.Great new release by Secret Society Of The Sonic Six… a strange band maybe… but great… not fitting in anywhere for real… but that is what makes it all only nicer… rough synth driven music… maybe rock like without sounding too much rock… original and authentic… If you like stuff like Sixteens for example you should check this out for sure! You start a band after reading a bunch of existentialist literature on your last cocaine binge. This one really crosses the thin line between punk and goth as it delivers dark madness, driven by tribal-like drums and a deep pumping bass.
In reality, Joy Division and New Order may have been more of an influence on their sound and imagery than one might be able to notice just on the surface. They appeared on several compilations with other bands being funnelled through the moniker of Oi, but never openly embraced the term as their sound. Type Negative (1990-2010) American metal band with widely respected singer/bassist, the late Peter Steele.Echelons (Words On Music, 1987) was an excellent debut, and a rare example of a US band that was doing post-punk better than most Brits at the time. Gang Gang Dance, for instance, occasionally do something that sounds a little bit No Wave-y but you couldn`t really say they were a post-punk influenced band in the way that the Rapture or Franz Ferdinand are.